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Maximize your farm’s production

Reach your goals faster with Genics Accelerate

The Genics Accelerate program is designed for shrimp producers who want to rapidly maximize the potential of their farms through early pathogen detection, disease mitigation and advanced genetic breeding programs.

Genics Accelerate programs typically run for 12 months and are open to small to medium-sized farms.

Each Genics Accelerate program is uniquely tailored to suit the individual participants.

The Genics Accelerate approach

Competitive advantage

Genics Accelerate can help increase market share, harvest predictability, and farm performance, providing a competitive advantage

Maximize performance

Our customized approach focuses on rapidly assessing your farm’s potential and providing expertise to maximize its performance

Bigger profits

Genics Accelerate offers a holistic approach to your farming with ongoing KPIs that can help attract premium prices


Farms that qualify for the program have the opportunity to use Genics Accelerate branding, adding further credibility to your organization

The Genics Accelerate logo

As a participant in the program you will be granted unique access to use the
Accelerate logo. This means you can share with customers your journey of improvement and excellence.

Importantly, Genics Accelerated Farms is not an accreditation (or certification) process but rather a way you can effectively share with your customers your journey in building healthier, high-performance Shrimp. 

Game-changing technology

Underpinning Genics Accelerate programs is our comprehensive solutions suite, including Shrimp MultiPath2.0™, ShrimpID, and DeepDive Histopathology. Our technology is the most sensitive data-driven management tool in pathogen detection and breeding selection available.

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What our clients say about Genics

“Our team at Kona Bay Indonesia are very impressed with Genics approach to data-driven decision making helping our facilities produce healthy, robust locally grown Indonesian Kona Bay broodstock that are SPF. Their helpful team give us confidence through designing statistically significant health sample programs and providing training in sampling for pathogen testing. Shipping is always fast, and the paperwork simple. Thank you Genics”.

Ari SetiardhiGeneral Manager at Kona Bay Indonesia

“Results from Genics Shrimp MultiPath provided us with trusted information about our animal’s health allowing us to make important data-driven management decisions. Ultimately, the data provides us with a competitive advantage and when combined with very good value for money and excellent customer service we’ll happily call on Genics for further insights into our animal health”.

Ana Carolina de Barros Guerrelhas, Socia-DirectoraAquatec, Brazil

“Genics are an expert team providing complete Shrimp Health solutions to our industry that add genuine value customised to each business. Their proprietary Shrimp MultiPath platform provides unrivalled quality controlled data for multiple pathogen detection – something that is not available anywhere else in the world. I would happily recommend Genics to anyone requiring Shrimp Health Solutions”.

Dr. David KawahigashiVannamei 101, USA

“With the aim of increasing shrimp production on our farms in Indonesia and better understanding the health of our shrimp, I turned to Genics for testing using Shrimp MultiPath. After a simple tissue sampling process, our samples were sent to Australia with test results ready within 48 hours of receiving the samples in the lab. The results helped our team understand how we can further improve animal health leading to stronger and disease resistant shrimp in future harvests. Also, a bonus, is the data showing that we can improve water quality management on our farms leading to healthier shrimp”.

Mr. Joko Sasongko, ChairmanPT. Noerwi Aqua Farm, Ujung Genteng South Sukabumi West Java - Indonesia

“As a repeat customer, I am constantly impressed how Genics data allows me to make crucial data-driven decisions leading to improved farm performance. We have used Shrimp MultiPath a number of times as a mechanism to better understand the overall health of our shrimp. This in turn helps our farm reduce risk of disease, lower costs and increase productivity”

Carlos ElizaldeOro del Pacifico, Guatamala

“I wanted to let you know of how happy we are with Genics Shrimp MultiPath. The results have definitely given us solid peace of mind and confidence in our business. I wish more of Indonesian farmers are able to enjoy the benefits of Genics technology in the future“.

Winston Wijaya, DirectorPT Arghani Boga Sejahtera, Bangka Sumatera, Indonesia

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Genics’ comprehensive shrimp solutions suite includes industry-leading pathogen testing, breeding programs and productivity consulting