Future proofing Australian salmon farming

Genics joins Ridley, The University of Queensland, CSIRO and Deakin University to future proof the Australian Salmon Industry. 

We’re very excited to announce our involvement in one of the most important aquaculture nutritional and healthcare projects in Australian history. The AUD$3 million initiative, starting September 2020 and funded by the Australian Government, seeks to better understand the nutritional and health needs of Australian salmon in the warmer months.

Genics CEO Dr. Melony Sellars said “We have a track record of supporting and empowering Australian farmers through the power of data. In this initiative, we’ll join some of Australia’s leading organisations to future proof the salmon industry for Australian farmers and consumers. We’ll do this employing our flagship diagnostic tool – MultiPath. With unrivalled sensitivity and specificity, MultiPath provides stakeholders in this initiative with tremendous confidence in the data, reporting and recommendations.  

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