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Genics MultiScore for shrimp farms

Our easy-to-use scorecards for farmers help you identify risks and opportunities quickly to maximize profits


Hatchery management

Using our scorecard system MultiScore, hatchery managers can rapidly rank the health of their postlarvae in rearing tanks and make strategic choices during pond stocking.

It works by taking 3 samples per larval rearing tank with 20 heads in each sample (PL stage 6 onwards). This method means you can be 95% confident of detecting pathogens present in 5% or more of the population. Shrimp heads contain all the target organs for sensitive pathogen detection. A MultiScore is then given to each tank, and they are ranked based on health. 

Healthy PL can be sold for a premium price, and unhealthy PL can be excluded from stocking. Tanks with healthy PL result in heightened production in ponds, delivering increased revenue.

Take a look at the MultiScore example below:


This table is an example of a Genics MultiScore scorecard. Here, tanks 2,5 and 6 have the highest score, and so are the tanks with the least amount of pathogens.


Shrimp MultiPath can detect pathogens up to 4 weeks before you’ll see clinical signs and sick shrimp. It’s a farmers early warning system, using data to help  you make strategic management choices, including:

  • Increased aeration to reduce shrimp stress
  • Adjusted feed rates
  • Enhanced biosecurity measures 
  • Early harvesting, if required

During grow-out, Genics recommends a minimum of 3 to 6 sample points to monitor pathogen presence and prevalence over time; this is your early warning system. 

Your first sampling will be at 25-35 DOC, and the remaining sample points will then be spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Genics will work closely with you to make data-driven decisions around when precisely to sample. Time intervals vary from site to site and season to season.

Typically, at each sample point, 30 shrimp per pond are tested by pooling target organs from 5 shrimp per tube and 6 samples per pond. Knowing about a pathogen like WSSV 4 weeks before you have visibly sick shrimp or EMS/AHPND with early notice can mitigate disastrous stock losses.

Pond-reared broodstock

Genics provides farmers with important data for broodstock selection. Using our scorecard system, MultiScore, farmers can quickly identify hero broodstock in their ponds for spawning and maturation. 

For pond-reared broodstock, MultiScore first identifies the healthiest ponds and secondly identifies the healthiest stock from those ponds for maximum results as broodstock. When implemented, this approach has been shown to increase the growth of shrimp by ≥ 10%. 

Take a look at the MultiScore examples below:


Ponds 1,2 and 5 have the highest score, and so are the ponds with the least amount of pathogens. This data is vital in determining how to best progress with broodstock selection.


In this example, broodstock R84, B19, G15, B09 have the highest score therefore are the best choice for breeding.

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Testing with Genics MultiScore gives you access to our premium services for pathogen early detection, genetic analysis, histopathology, and breeding programs. Genics offers a comprehensive suite of shrimp breeding and health technology that sets the industry standard for accuracy and sensitivity.

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What our clients say about Genics

“Results from Genics Shrimp MultiPath provided us with trusted information about our animal’s health allowing us to make important data-driven management decisions. Ultimately, the data provides us with a competitive advantage and when combined with very good value for money and excellent customer service we’ll happily call on Genics for further insights into our animal health”.

Ana Carolina de Barros Guerrelhas, Socia-DirectoraAquatec, Brazil

“For me, Genics’ Shrimp MultiPath technology is unsurpassed in its ability to detect pathogens early, mitigate disease and provide certainty about our animal’s health. This means that despite the global pandemic, we’re on a fast-track to improved viability and growth. Additionally, Genics customer service has provided us with animal data quickly, allowing us to make informed management decisions with confidence”.

Ricardo SolaNaturisa S.A. Ecuador

“Genics with their ShrimpID solutions suite provided us with a practical mate allocation plan that maximised genetic diversity of our progeny. We have seen a massive improvement in nauplii production already! Incredible results, powerful data. We look forward to working with Genics to continually improve on our breeding program and high-quality post-larvae offerings to Ecuadorian Shrimp Producers”.

Bolivar Pena - Administrator Genesis, Ecuador

Genics new Shrimp MultiPath Xtra heralds a new era in pathogen detection, specifically around the detection of Decapod iridescent virus 1, DIV-1. As a vet, I can recommend Shrimp MultiPath Xtra to farmers wanting peace of mind and security when it comes to detecting pathogens on their farm”.

Jorge Cuéllar-AnjelAquaculture Veterinarian - Disease of Aquatic Organisms - Shrimp Pathologist, Panama

“In terms of PCR for the diagnosis of shrimp diseases, I think Dr. Melony Sellars (CEO Genics) is the highest authority in the world, I don’t know anyone who gives me as much confidence in this topic as she does”. 

Dr. Joao RochaShrimp Geneticist, Texcumar, Ecuador

“Genics have been fantastic to work with, helping us to design a sampling plan to maximise value for money with our pathogen screening and ensure we would be in a position to make informed management decisions based on the data. We are very happy with their service and the Shrimp MultiPath output. What a great company to help service the pathogen screening needs of our global shrimp industry.”

Steve Hammon CEONorth American Broodstock, LLC, California, United States

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