Shrimp MultiPath2.0

One test to detect 18 shrimp pathogens

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Shrimp MultiPath2.0 produces test results within 48 hours of sample analysis


Genics’ farm to lab sample deliveries are GPS tracked in real time for our premium customers 


Shrimp MultiPath2.0 detects 18 pathogens in a single test including the most economically damaging


Shrimp MultiPath2.0 testing detects & differentiates between additional genetic subvariants of major pathogens 


Shrimp MultiPath2.0 includes control tests to validate DNA & RNA integrity


Genics tests yield quantified infection severity data & are run in high replication to optimize accuracy  


Genics test data is encrypted & delivered directly to our clients for their exclusive use 


Shrimp MultiPath2.0 sample collection systems are easy to use on the farm

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 explained in 2 minutes

Compare Shrimp MultiPath2.0 to conventional disease testing

Shrimp MultiPath2.0:

18 pathogens detected by one test

Less than 5 working days farm-to-data turnaround

Accredited laboratories

Conventional testing:

Only 1 pathogen tested at a time

14 days to 3 months turnaround on multiple tests

No accreditation, typically

The Shrimp MultiPath2.0 advantage

Early pathogen detection is essential to prevent destructive shrimp disease outbreaks. Shrimp usually harbor multiple pathogens at any given time, so a rigorous surveillance testing regime is essential.  

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 detects 18 destructive shrimp pathogens with a single test, making it the most versatile test available to producers.

Shrimp MultiPath2.0’s limit of detection (LOD) exceeds international standards, even with very low levels of pathogens, and machine learning continually refines Genics’ detection accuracy and fidelity.   

DNA and RNA controls are applied to every Shrimp MultiPath2.0 sample, setting Genics’ quality control well above industry standards. This is mission-critical for shrimp, which contain PCR inhibitors such as chitin. 

Genics has the fastest laboratory report turnaround time in the business, so farmers can act quickly on test results. 

Genics’ unique GPS delivery tracking service allows you to track every step of your hassle-free shipping experience for our Shrimp MultiPath2.0 premium customers.    

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 sets the industry standard for certainty by checking specimens for each pathogen with 10 replicates. All testing is performed in Genics’ Australian laboratories with ISO17025 accreditation.

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18 Pathogens Detected*

*The performance of Shrimp MultiPath2.0 has been tested by an independent laboratory against DNA and RNA clinical samples (i.e. tissue from sick animals); the WOAH-OIE recommended real-time PCR assay and the newly adapted CSIRO real-time PCR assay in an empirical assessment for this study. It was assessed for repeatability, sensitivity, and specificity on Bayesian latent class models using real-world L. vannamei tissue samples.

1 to 5 days fast turnaround on testing results worldwide

1 day


3 days


5 days


Superior limit of detection standards

Genics Shrimp MultiPath2.0 delivers industry-leading analytical sensitivity, also known as limit of detection (LOD). 

Superior to WOAH and industry standards for multiple pathogen detection, Shrimp MultiPath is the technology of choice for risk mitigation and translocation detection, and the only option for early pathogen detection during farming cycles.

Download our LOD sensitivity comparison table for a detailed analysis of the efficacy of Shrimp MultiPath2.0:

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 limits of detection (sensitivity) explained in 3 minutes

Many companies already conduct their pathogen testing above industry standards using Shrimp MultiPath2.0. Join other industry leaders in helping to contain shrimp disease outbreaks.

In this short video, Genics CEO Melony Sellars explains how to interpret the Shrimp MultiPath 2.0 limits of detection (LOD) table and the significance of the data for disease control.

Click here to download the Shrimp MultiPath2.0 LOD table.

Download the Shrimp MultiPath2.0 brochure:

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 is your early warning system against disease

Genics Shrimp MultiPath2.0 alerts you to the presence of pathogens weeks before your shrimp show the first signs of being sick, preventing costly stock losses.

In the case of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV), Shrimp MultiPath2.0 can increase farm gate value by up to US$52,000.00 per hectare*.   

For devastating pathogens like white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and Infectious myonecrosis virus (IMNV), Shrimp MultiPath2.0 can prevent the loss of an entire harvest. 

*Sellars, M.J., Cowley, J.A., Musson, D., Rao, M., Menzies, M., Coman, G.J., Murphy, M. 2019. Reduced growth performance of Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) infected with infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus. Aquaculture 488: 160-166.

What do our clients say about Genics?

“With the aim of increasing shrimp production on our farms in Indonesia and better understanding the health of our shrimp, I turned to Genics for testing using Shrimp MultiPath2.0. After a simple tissue sampling process, our samples were sent to Australia with test results ready within 48 hours of receiving the samples in the lab. The results helped our team understand how we can further improve animal health, leading to stronger and disease-resistant shrimp in future harvests. Also, a bonus is the data showing that we can improve water quality management on our farms, leading to healthier shrimp.” – Mr. Joko Sasongko, Chairman, PT. Noerwi Aqua Farm – Indonesia 

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