The Shrimp MultiPath2.0 advantage: A quantum leap forward in very early pathogen detection 

The Genics team spends a lot of time on shrimp farms, listening to the challenges producers face, and we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our services to meet the needs of farmers. Disease control is a high priority, along with an urgent demand for testing solutions that are both effective and affordable. 

Genics is proud to announce the release of Shrimp MultiPath2.0, which brings game-changing capabilities to shrimp pathogen detection. Identifying 18 shrimp pathogens with a single test, this latest edition of our testing technology redefines industry standards, giving farmers cost-effective and comprehensive protection for their animals. 

Comprehensive pathogen detection 

One of the standout features of Shrimp MultiPath2.0 is its unique capacity to detect 18 common shrimp pathogens with a single test: WSSV, AHPND pirA/AHPND pirB, EHP, GAV YHV2, IHHNV, IMNV, YHV 1, YHV 7, HPV HDV, MBV, LSNV, MoV, TSV, NHP, DIV1, PvNV, CmNV and MrNV. 

Unlike conventional kits and services that look for only one pathogen per sample, Shrimp MultiPath2.0 allows farmers to detect every prominent disease threat with a single highly accurate test. Shrimp MultiPath2.0 also detects and differentiates between genetic subvariants of major pathogens, delivering optimal protection. 

When it comes to a species like shrimp where there are multiple pathogens at any given time causing production impacts, Genics Shrimp MultiPath2.0 is the solution of choice, defining multi-factorial production risks at hand. 

Fast and reliable results 

When it comes to disease protection in aquaculture, time is of the essence. Genics sets the industry standard for sample shipping, with a 1-to-5-day farm-to-lab data delivery window worldwide, including shipping and processing time at the lab.  

Once clients’ samples arrive at the Genics lab, Shrimp MultiPath2.0 delivers accurate, verified test results within 48 hours. This rapid global response time empowers farmers to take prompt action based on accurate data they can trust, minimizing the risk of disease outbreaks and potential stock losses. 

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 sample collection systems are easy to use on the farm, and Genics goes the extra mile with real-time GPS sample tracking. This exclusive service for Genics key clients provides peace of mind to farmers, knowing that their samples are securely tracked from the farm to the laboratory every minute of the day. 

Farmers’ early warning system against disease 

Genics Shrimp MultiPath2.0 acts as an early warning system, alerting farmers to the presence of pathogens weeks before any visible signs of illness appear in their animals. This proactive approach is invaluable in preventing costly stock losses and maintaining the health of the aquaculture environment. 

In the case of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV), Shrimp MultiPath2.0 can significantly increase farm gate value by up to US$52,000.00 per hectare. For devastating pathogens like white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and IMNV, Shrimp MultiPath2.0 has the potential to save entire harvests, sparing farmers from substantial financial setbacks.*  

Cost-effective, precise testing 

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 detects a broad spectrum of pathogens, focusing on the most economically damaging. This comprehensive, targeted approach enables farmers to defend against the most critical disease threats efficiently. 

Moreover, precision is a cornerstone of Genics’ testing methodology. Shrimp MultiPath2.0 includes control tests that validate the integrity of DNA and RNA in every sample, setting the bar higher than industry standards. This precision is particularly crucial for shrimp, which contain PCR inhibitors like chitin.  

Verified and secure data 

Genics prioritizes the security and integrity of test data by encrypting and delivering it directly to clients for exclusive use. This commitment to data security ensures confidentiality and has fostered a trusting relationship between Genics and its clients. 

The new standard for shrimp disease control  

With recent research clearly showing the inadequacy of POC test kits, which are still widely used in the industry, Genics is committed to providing a better alternative for farmers that is not only effective but also less expensive than conventional testing.  

Shrimp MultiPath2.0 is a genuine innovation in shrimp pathogen detection, addressing the industry’s need for a comprehensive, fast, and accurate testing solution. With its ability to detect a wide range of pathogens, deliver swift results, and provide secure, verified quantitative data, Shrimp MultiPath2.0 sets a new standard for certainty and safety. 

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*Source: Sellars, M.J., Cowley, J.A., Musson, D., Rao, M., Menzies, M., Coman, G.J., Murphy, M. 2019; Reduced growth performance of Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) infected with infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus.  Aquaculture 488: 160-166.