Automated digital phenotyping for optimal shrimp health and productivity

How does ShrimpTracker work?

1. Live shrimp enter the ShrimpTracker workflow under natural conditions with minimal disruption to their behavior

2. High-resolution digital imaging sensors capture the phenotype characteristics of your animals as they pass through the system

3. ShrimpTracker’s AI-powered software reveals phenotype insights in real-time, creating a historical record of each animal’s development

4. ShrimpTracker delivers detailed reports both as downloadable documents and an interactive online dashboard 

Phenotyping – the scientific analysis of physical characteristics – is a vital tool for shrimp stock management

But, conventional phenotyping methods are time-consuming, result in excessive stress for the animals from handling, and may cause costly physical damage.

Genics designed ShrimpTracker to solve these problems. ShrimpTracker uses AI-powered digital technology to accurately measure shrimp phenotypes while they’re swimming without causing them stress or disrupting their natural behavior.

ShrimpTracker’s industry-leading performance emerged from years of meticulous research and development. The system collects the most detailed data set possible, including an unprecedented number of phenotype categories, some of which were previously impossible to measure. 

Download the ShrimpTracker brochure:


ShrimpTracker will increase your phenotyping efficiency, yielding higher data accuracy rates and shorter timelines for results


ShrimpTracker doesn’t require animals to be handled or to stay out of the water for extended periods, minimizing livestock damage


The sophisticated software powering ShrimpTracker uses machine learning technology to continuously improve its accuracy


Genics supports every stage of stock management and breeding programs, enhancing all aspects of shrimp health

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